Welcome to EDGE Energy USA

Eclipse Dedicated Green Energy USA, LC (EDGE Energy USA) is a new kind of energy company for the 1st century and beyond. Our design and concept engineers are working to find solutions and bring them to the world market place to some of the toughest environmental and economic problems facing the world today. Clean Sustainable Energy.

Our EDGE Energy USA power generation systems are all "Zero Emission" closed systems that are 100% scalable to fit the needs of our customers large and small. No pollutants are released into the air, ground or water as a result of the operation of our electrical power and bio-fuel producing facilities. In the EDGE gasification co-generation systems all emissions and the volatiles created during the gasification process are either fully consumed during the process, captured to be sold to industry, converted into syngas used in electrical generation and bio-fuel production or recycled back into the gasification reactor itself to be consumed. No emissions are released. This technology is going to change the way the world deals with Municipal Solid Waste and coal as fuel for electrical power generation worldwide.

Recent News

EDGE Energy USA and its partners in Cambodia and Vietnam are working with the Cambodian Government, the US Exim Bank and other private sources in developing the funding for the 1.8 billion dollar EDGE Energy Waste to Power Gasification Co-Generation system to be built in Kampot province Cambodia.
EDGE Energy USA forms two subsidiaries, EDGE Power & Energy Cambodia, LC and EDGE Mines & Materials Cambodia, LC to administer two new contracts with a combined dollar value of over $1.8 billion dollars for the development of a bio-coal feeder mine and a 630 MWe EDGE MSW to Power facility in Kampot province Cambodia.